Nigerianische Küche Yam mit green leafs (1523 Ergebnisse)

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Schnittbohnensalat (Green-Bean Salad)

* Green beans should be sliced lengthwise (French Cut). ** Stock is the water that the green beans were cooked in. (Not regular stock.)... mehr

Savory-Fare Gourmet Sausage with Black Beans and Rice

Saute onions, green peppers and sausage slices in oil in medium saucepan over moderately high heat, until onions are tender. Stir in remaining ingredients. Heat to boil, reduce heat.... mehr

Scallop Potatoes W/ Ham and Green Chiles

Place potatoes, onions and butter in enough water to cover top of ingredients. Cook until potatoes are ALMOST done. Remove potatoes to a baking dish. Add cheese to remaining liquid;... mehr

Schug (Hot Green Chili Chutney)

Process all the ingredients to a relatively smooth paste. Store in a jar with a tight cover. Refrigerate. Use in cooking as well as for a table condiment. Posted to by... mehr

Scallops with White Butter Sauce

Remove any beards from the scallops then wash. Carefully remove the roes and lay on paper towels to dry. Season with salt and pepper. Poach the scallops and roes in wine and lemon juice... mehr

Garlic-Roasted Green Beans and Shallots with Hazelnuts

Chopped hazelnuts are a fine flavor match for green beans-and a refreshing departure from the more expected almonds. Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to... mehr

Scampi Kabobs -Geo Foreman Grill

Melt butter in microwave, do not boil. Stir in olive oil, garlic, curry powder, salt and pepper cut up red, green peppers and onions. Combine all ingredients and allow to marinate for 1... mehr

Reissalat (Niegeria)

Reis in einen Topf geben, kaltes Wasser daruebergiessen, Salz dazugeben, Topf zudecken und kurz aufkochen lassen. Auf kleiner Flamme ca. 20 Minuten koecheln lassen, bis die Fluessigkeit... mehr

Scalloped Eggplant

Pare the eggplant and cut it into small even pieces. Put two tablespoons of the oil in a fry pan. Brown the green pepper and onion. Add tomatoes, salt, pepper, and eggplant; simmer for... mehr

Hull Inspector - Stew!

A fast easy - Crock Pot Meal with 3 to 5 links of Polish Sausage cut into 3" pieces / 4 to 6 potatoes cut into chunks / 3 cans of green beans / 1/2 to 1 cup onions sliced / Salt and... mehr


This dish takes about 1 hour to prepare. Fry the onions in the oil. When they are transparent, remove threequarters of them from the pan and set aside. Continue frying the remaining... mehr

Scallops Baked

Rinse Scallops with cold water to remove any remaining shells. Combine Scallops, cracker crumbs, butter, catsup, salt and pepper in casserole. Combine green onion and butter; Place on top... mehr

Scalloped Tomatoes

I have a recipe for Scalloped Tomatoes..which are a lot like stewed tomatoes and they are never mushy or runny. It came from a gardening booklet published by the National Association for... mehr

Scallop Casserole

In a skillet saute celery, onions, and green pepper for 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat and drain. Also cook broccoli until tender. Lightly grease large pie plate. Cut up scallops. Mix... mehr

Sazon Preparado (Prepared Seasoning)

Combine all ingredients and blend, bit by bit, to a puree in blender. Pour into saucepan and simmer, stirring constantly, for 5 minutes. Cool and bottle. Used to flavor stews, beans, rice... mehr