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From: (Steve)
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1993 21:38:16 GMT This is an Austrian/German dish (I think). I'm not sure of the name or if I spelt it right. I got it from my mother. It is (to me) a breakfast dish that is a cross between a pan cake, a crepe, and scrambled eggs just starting points but if you follow it exactly, it should turn out okay. It doesn't sound like much, but you got to try it. Especially if you're bored of the regular breakfast stuff.
Wisk (with wire wisk) all ingredience (starting with eggs) together until very smooth (no lumps). The mixture should have the consistency of heavy cream.
Add about a table spoon each of butter/oil to a largish fry pan and let melt/heat up. About medium/high. If you don't have a large fry pan you may have to make two batches. By large, I mean about 10-12 inches across.
Here is where it gets hard to discribe.....
Pour mixture in all at once. As the sides start to set, push the set parts into the center so that more of the liquid pours into the "canal" and has a chance to set also. Cut/Push "openings" into the batter to expose pan surface and swish the liguid into that so it can set. etc....
When most of it has set and there is only a very little liquid left (it should still be a "whole" piece the size of the pan at this point) I cut it into four and flip each section over. I then wait a few seconds and then start cutting up everything so that it resembles scrambled eggs. The goal is to have small, thick (1/4 inch?), bite sized pieces when you're done. (The best tool for this is a stiff spatula/egg flipper
After its cut up, stir and cook it for a while. Don't be afraid of over cooking it. I never have so far. You want it "browned" somewhat. I eat it with maple surrup poured over top but have had it with jam mixed in. Anything sweet would do, I imagine.
If you give this receipe a try, let me know how it turned out and if you liked it. If you know if this IS called Schmorn or something else, let me know too. Thanks.
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